Protein staining procedure becomes more cost efficient  with ProteOrange dye that can be used for protein staining in fixed cells as good example. From structure viewpoint ProteOrange Protein Gel Stain is an equivalent of already well known SYPRO™ Orange Protein Gel Stain. Below shown image demonstrates ability of ProteOrange to color the proteins in cytoplasm after 30 min stirring with the dye.

Briefly about protein staining procedure on fixed cells: the cells were fixed using formaldehyde and then washed a couple times with 1X PBS buffer. 1 uM ProteOrange dye solution in PBS was added to fixed cells and stirred for 30 mins at room temperature. After washing a couple of times with 1X PBS buffer to remove free ProteOrange dye,  cells were visualized using fluorescence microscopy. The nuclei were stained using Hoechst dye. The resulting image is shown below:

Staining of fixed cells with ProteOrange® dye.

Staining was performed during 30 min in 1 uM dye solution.