Several options from the Lumiprobe catalog are possible to label protein:

1. Pick up the ready AB labeling kit where we have optimized the label amounts, and all the necessary components like vials, buffer, and columns are already included.

2. Use any dye NHS ester and calculate optimal labeling experiment conditions using our Protein labeling Calculator.

We have created this calculator to give you an idea of how to perform the AB labeling procedure fast, simple, and cost-efficient. As a result of calculations, you will get laboratory labeling protocol, including all necessary amounts already calculated for you. In general, this calculator can be used as a simple and powerful tool to have lab protocol and necessary calculations done for your object and reactive fluorescent dye SE in case you have an idea about MW and label solubility. All necessary parameters can be adjusted to fit your target molecule and label in the Advanced options tab.

Here is the link to the labeling calculator page and the starting screen to give you an idea of how it looks like:

Lumiprobe protein labeling calculator